How To Make Fitness Fun With Fashion?

It is difficult enough to get out of bed in the morning to go for that run, or get motivated to go to your Zumba class after work instead of going to happy hour with the co-workers. [fun exercises]

So make fitness fun with fashion! Here we have some ways to make fitness much more fun so you are more apt to go to that class because you’re motivated to show off your extreme fitness fashion sense.

Bring leg-warmers back! Think ‘Flashdance’ and bring them back! They’re sold at most department stores and dance boutiques because they really are still used by many dance schools especially ballet fitness

Wear a cool headband. Not a headband that you would wear socially but the kind that you tie around your scalp line to keep the sweat from running down your face.

Make it fun and fashionable, something to show your personality. I like to use bandanas and tie them like the image of the 1950s housewife cleaning her house.

The absolute most fun thing about fitness is shoes. Just because you aren’t wearing heels doesn’t mean they can’t be fun! Have you ever really looked at a line of fitness shoes? The selection is out of this world and you can really have fun picking them out!

The only advice we have is make sure to break the shoes in a bit before you wear them for an hour long class. Go on a couple walks with them first or wear them around the house before you are stuck in them for an hour. But yes, shoes can make fitness so fun!

Get cute t-shirts or tanks that express who you are. A shirt like “V is for Vegetarian”  or “Mamas for Obama” can show off your personality and make it fun for people in that environment to know more about you and your beliefs.