How To Set Realistic Fitness Goals?

You have just started working out again or maybe you just started working out period. You need to set goals and your goals need to be realistic.

Do you know what’s worse than setting tiny goals? Failing at the goals you set because they were too unrealistic.

You cannot lose 15 pounds in one week and you cannot take your body fat percentage from 30% to 18% in a month. Set realistic goals for yourself and you won’t be discouraged or frustrated. Discouragement is what leads to people giving up or throwing in the goal

First of all think of what your ultimate goal is. My ultimate goal is to lose those stubborn 8 pounds but also to tone up and not be so jiggly.

So I will set my goals in baby steps. My first goal is to take off a ½ inch and lose 2 pounds in the first month.

Sounds very small and very realistic but when I reach that goal I am proud of myself and excited instead of being discouraged and disappointed. After setting and reaching my first goal I can set my sights a bit higher; for the second month I want to lose 1 ½ inches and 4 pounds.

Or if you’re going for muscle mass you can set your first goal at taking your body fat from 15% to 12% in the first month. Your second month you could set your goal to be body fat percentage from 12% to 9% and gaining an inch on the biceps or whatever you are working toward.

Regardless of your fitness goals make sure you write them down and keep them realistic. Yes you should give yourself something to shoot for however like we said, losing 15 pounds in a week is not possible therefore do not write it down as a goal.