How to Use Stability Ball – User Techniques

A stability ball, popularly known as exercise ball is a unique exercise equipment that can be used to tone up your entire body. It has become a very popular piece of exercise equipment in no time and is found in most of the public as well as personal gyms.  As it is not expensive equipment, you can afford to buy one for personal use.

A stability ball is called by various other names like balance balls, fitness balls and Swiss balls. What ever may be the name, it is fun to work out with it. It is one of the best ways to improve strength, balance and cardio endurance. It is recommended by the doctors to come in shape after any kind of injury. It reduces the spine and muscle strain while working out.

how to use stability ball

Use of Stability Ball

To be specific, stability balls are inflatable rubber ball which comes in various sizes. These balls are mainly used for core muscle exercises, stretching and strength training. Although it appears easy and fun to work out with the stability ball, it is far away from this idea. You need to have proper training before you start working with it. To avoid any sort of injury and get the best out of the workout, you need proper guidance.

A skilled trainer is the best person to guide you with the exercises you can perform on the stability ball. The ball helps you to tone up your lower as well as upper body along with your core muscles. Few techniques to use the stability ball are jotted down for your convenience:


Keep the stability ball between the wall and your lower lumbar and then do the squat (Bending knees and hips to sitting position and returning back to the standing). You must keep the ball and the back in contact while doing the movements.


Doing pushups with exercise ball may increase the intensity of the desired effect. You must lie down with the ball under your belly and palms on the floor. Walk the hands out so that the shins are balanced on the ball with your torso in a flat push-up position. Once ready you can do the pushups.

Roll Out

It is a multitasking that works on your arms along with core muscles. You are required to kneel behind the exercise ball and then slowly push the ball in the forward direction with hands till your body is completely extended. You are advised to maintain the correct posture to get the best result.

Back Extension

To begin with this ball exercise, you are advised to put your stomach on the ball and then hold it with hands. Rest your toes on the ground and keep the legs stretched. Then raise your chest by bringing the hands on the back of the head. Hold in the position to get the best result.

Ball Jog

It is fun to do and also a great blood-pumping exercise. You need to sit tall on the Swiss ball with your feet grounded. You have to lift the knees up and down and bounce on the ball.

These simple works out under proper guidance can give you a faster and effective result.