Choose Proper Meditation Technique Which Suits Your Thinking And Personality!

Meditation will bring a sense of completion and fullness. It is the only permanent source of tranquility available with in you.

Meditation is also defined as the adventure of self discovery.

You can attain various self realization techniques with meditation by making your mind peace.

Meditation techniques will differ from one culture to another although meditation is same.

Different meditation techniques will get suited to different personality types.Meditation Technique

Some techniques are concentrative that involve bringing focus into one’s thought, where as some techniques are expansive and allows for free flow of thoughts and their observation.

You should choose your meditation technique according to your personality and your way of thinking.

The most important meditation techniques:

Mantra meditation techniques:

  • This mantra meditation technique involves the conscious repetition of certain sounds or mantras that appeal to the mind in order to achieve the meditative state.
  • The word mantra means revealed sound. It can also be defined as the combination of sound that develops spontaneously.
  • You should not get confused of your mantra with religious chants.
  • You can choose proper mantra by your own or you can take mantra from your guru.
  • The most important thing that you should remember while choosing mantra is that it must appeal to your mind.

Trataka meditation techniques:

  • This trataka meditation technique is the one and only technique which will be followed by many religious systems including Christianity and Sufism.
  • In this meditation technique, a steady gaze is performed on any particular object.
  • This trataka is an established yoga cleansing technique in which a dedicated practice on the same object will take you to the highest level of meditation.

Chakra meditation:

  • Chakra meditation will represent a higher level of energy development and manifestation of self.
  • The word chakra represents wheel which represents the major nerve centers that branch off from the spinal chord and the major organs of the body.
  • Your body will have seven chakras. You should know the seven chakras present in your body and perform this chakra meditation by keeping complete concentration on the seven chakras present in your body.
  • The main aim or main destination of this chakra meditation technique is to help individuals to discover their chakras present in their body.
  • This chakra meditation technique will awake the chakras on conscious level in an integrated and balanced way.

Vipassana meditation technique:

  • The word vipassana represents ‘insight’.
  • This meditation technique will create an ability to see things as they really are, it can be attained to you by the process of self observation. [Insight meditation technique guidelines]
  • That means you can observe one’s own nature by this technique. You can recognize the bad elements and you can consciously eliminate them from the system.
  • Vipassana is the meditation technique that is free of rites, helps to develop wisdom and allows you to study different sensations in your body such as pain, itching, cold, etc.

These are some of the important meditation techniques that will be helpful to you to attain your meditation properly.