Guided Meditation Vs Unguided Meditation

Want a break from your regular hectic life? Looking for a relaxing regime suitable both for your body and mind? Get yourself ready for meditation. It helps you get in touch with your inner most natural self and help you clean the old and used board of thoughts making room for clearer thoughts and ideas.

The very first challenge as a new meditator that you might face is whether to use guided meditation or unguided meditation. While guided meditation involves imparting of information or even music which can be identified by you to guide you to your goal, there is a clear absence of any real directive in unguided meditation. If you are a first time practitioner then always remember that starting with the guided technique is always the best. There are many online guidance available for novice meditators.

However, in both the cases there are certain hurdles that we all face that must be crossed. Here are some simple and basic ways to cross them:

guided meditation Vs unguided meditationMusic

As mentioned earlier that if you are a first time practitioner always opt for the guided technique as it is the best way to put you in practice and help you get used to it. The best way to start a guided meditation practice is through music. It helps you relax and restores health and rejuvenates you.

Remaining Alert and Aware

Although guided meditation is easy to adapt for beginners, it often can prove rather distractive. You may find yourself or others suffering from an acute case of distraction especially if there is an instructor present to guide you through. Thus it is imperative to engage your mind in thoughts and acknowledge them and be aware of those thoughts.

Watching for Obstacles

If you practice unguided meditation then keep in mind that you will need to overcome the task of letting go of the motive or goal. It is not easy to attain the goal of meditating for the purpose of meditating and not zoning out thus losing track of yourself but it sure can be overcome through practice.

Blissful Wonders and Joy

Granted that for many practitioners who are yet to reach that level of proper meditation, it can be unbearably dull and boring, however, it is imperative to understand that that is the fear that you need to face and look squarely in the eyes. It is your ego and you need to overcome it to realize the emotional aches and pains of the past one last time before you feel the joy.

Practicing meditation is important and can be beneficial in different levels. It is not just effortless, but also a very good tool for personal development and helps you use your power of imagination. Remember that once you get comfortable with guided meditation it would become easy for you to face the difficulties of unguided meditation. You may even start practicing it all by yourself as it needs no guide or master. However, the start is always advisable with expert guidance with right moves and motives.