Make Your Child Gain Positive Mind-Set And Good Grasping Power With Child Meditation!

Every parent desires to see their children as happy and confident as possible.

Child meditation is one of the best ways to fulfill that desire. Child meditation is very effective.

With child meditation, children can gain positive mind-set, self-esteem, perfect health, better relationships with others and sharp grasping power.

However, most of the parents wonder about a child’s ability to meditate.

Surprisingly, children love to meditate. Child meditation basically involves the techniques to connect with one’s inner-self (the mind with the body).Child Meditation

Child meditation can be done in several ways. Simple and easy way of meditation is ‘mantras’. A mantra is a word or phrase that can be uttered silently or aloud.

A good mantra to practice child meditation is “hamsa.” It is a natural mantra that one makes while breathing: “ham” (h-ah-m) on inhalation and “sa” on exhalation.

For the hamsa meditation, sit comfortably in a quiet place and close your eyes. Breathe naturally. Sit calmly for about one minute prior to the beginning of your meditation using mantra. This allows your heart and breathing to slow.

Now, gently bring your concentration to your breath and start expressing the mantra, quietly and easily. Express “ham” on your inhale and “sa” on your exhale. Allow yourself to be engaged in expressing the mantra.

On the other hand, let your feelings and thoughts to come and go. Never try to control them by any means. Simply note them, and gently return to the mantra whenever you realize that you are not concentrating.

Never force yourself to think/express the mantra to the omission of all other thoughts. While thinking the mantra, you may undergo a deep state of relaxation. It is ‘ok’ if you don’t.

Meditate (hamsa mantra) in this way for about ten minutes and take a minute to slowly get back to normal awareness. Be gentle when opening your eyes or getting back to the normal state after a child meditation.

It is to be noted that getting up quickly after the state of relaxation and deep rest is not good for the heart.

Allow your child to perform child meditation in this way twice a day. Normally, it is good to meditate before breakfast and before dinner. This is because the digestive system normally shuts down during meditation and practicing with a full stomach may lead to indigestion.

Another easy way of meditation for children is sensation meditation. It is based on the five senses. All that it requires is to close your eyes and imagine how a tree looks like, or listen to a soothing music.

This kind of approach makes child meditation a great practice for children. Increased self esteem [Building Child Self Esteem], good reading skills, and better health condition and good relations with others are some of the benefits of this meditation technique.

On the other hand, if you find problem in teaching child meditation to your children, follow some of these tips:

  • Demonstrate the meditation activity to your children.
  • Explain clearly about the benefits they gain from child meditation.
  • Show them how other children practice child meditation.
  • Find a noise free area that causes no disturbance.

So, prepare your children to learn and practice child meditation as they can gain numerous benefits from it.