Points To Consider During Third Eye Meditation?

Third eye can be referred as a mystical and esoteric concept which can provide you perception beyond ordinary prospect. Spiritual traditions like Hinduism treat third eye as chakra whereas Theosophy treats it as pineal gland.

Third eye symbolizes according to new age spirituality, a state of enlightenment which will have psychological significance. Hence it can be concluded that third eye is associated with religious vision and the person who will have the capacity can be known as seers.

third eye meditationWhere is this Third Eye?

Identically the location of third eye also differs according to various traditions. Hinduism locates third eye around the middle of the forehead, just above the crossroads of eyebrows. On contrary to this theory, Theosophy locates third eye in back of the head. As per to this theory third eye was placed in the back of the head during ancient period of human era.

Gradually it atrophied as humans evolved and sunk into the pineal gland. Third eye is regarded as the main center point of source of energy in human body. To retrieve this power of your body you need to be focused on advanced mediation level of third eye. To activate the third eye, you need to concentrate on meditations and need to take care of following given points:

1. Sitting posture

Correct sitting posture for third eye meditation is very essential. You have to relax your mind as well as your body to energize third eye. While sitting for meditation, remember to sit in crossed leg posture.

2. Belief

Belief is another pillar of your success to meditate on your third eye. You have to believe in yourself that you are capable enough to stimulate third eye power. Faith on your meditation procedure is necessary to attain success.

3. Focus / Concentration

Focus or concentration can be regarded as another mainstay to activate your third eye through meditation. You need to be forgetting about the materialistic world and have to focus or concentrate with closed eyes at the third or the chakra place in between your eyebrows. Focusing will fetch you to the era where everything will be dark except third eye or the chakra.

4. Environment

To concentrate or focus on third eye applying the method of meditation you must accumulate proper environment for it. Any noisy place or a place filled with your materialistic era can distract your mind which can divert your concentration. Henceforth a calm place is needed to stimulate the chakra. It can be any room in your own place or in the lap of nature where you will be to unwrap your pineal gland.

5. Occurrence of Visual Effects

Mediation of third eye will push your mind to flash visual effects of earlier scenes in front of you be it trains, various people your met, natural beauty like waterfalls, mountains, rivers etc. at this level of meditation you must try to visualize clear picture which your mind is trying to produce.

6. Feeling Pain

At the final stage of meditation you will feel a slight pain as well as your third eye will glow. To reveal the answers of mysterious depths you must practice third eye meditation on a habitual way.

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