Top 3 Ways to Improve Will Power With Meditation

Meditation is known to have multiple benefits not only for the mind but also for your health. Meditation is a process of quieting of one’s mind and concentrating all thoughts to a single point or focus. Meditation is a powerful way of controlling your thoughts and this teaches self-control.

Improve Will Power With Meditation

Beginners often find meditation tough as it takes a lot of strength and will power to channelize all thoughts into one stream but with constant practice and persistent, anyone can learn this art. One of the greatest benefits of meditation is to improve will power. The following ways will help you with the same:

1. Sit still

The first step which will help you in improving your will power through meditation is to sit still and on either a chair or with your feet flat on the ground.  You can also choose to sit on the floor by crossing your feet.  As much as you possibly can, try to resist any urge or temptation to move.

Ignore the itches and do not change your position.  Achieving this first step in itself can prove very daunting and it will take time to get this correctly.  But do not worry as with practice you will get the hang of it and improve considerably.

2. Concentrate on your breath

When you have mastered the art of sitting still and staying put for a few minutes together, then the next step for you is to close your eyes and focus all your attention on your breath.  Concentrate on your inhaling and exhaling and pay attention to each breath that crosses your nostrils.

Do not divert your attention anywhere else and whenever your mind wanders off, try to bring it back to your breathing.  This very step is the most important step to achieve in the process of meditation but over time, it will teach you to improve your will power and will remove your stress, tension and worries.

3. Increase the time frame

Initially, you will only be able to control your mind for a few minutes but as you get good at it, try to increase the time frame of sitting still and concentrating on your breath. From a couple of minutes, increase the time of 10, 15 and 20 minutes.

Practice this everyday at a quiet spot in the house and preferably early in the morning when there is minimum noise and disturbance. Always make sure that you switch off your cellphone and cut out all other kinds of possible disturbances.

Benefits of meditation and improving will power

By meditating on a regular basis, you not learn to quite the sensations of the mind and body but also learn self-awareness and self-control.  Your willpower is greatly improved and you learn persistence as well.

If you meditate somewhere close to nature, then the fresh oxygen will prove even more beneficial for you. Working on your will power will ready you for other important tasks and events in life and is a key to success for your future endeavors.

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