Tips for Safe Biking in Hot July

A lot of people believe that summer is the time for biking; however, you may encounter some difficulties that you never thought about before, such as the high temperatures, humidity, and sun. In this case you have to think about everything to make sure that you are safe on your bike.



Summer isn’t the time to be concerned about being bike chic. In case you are planning on going for short distances, a sleeveless top and skirt or shorts or a dress works just fine. If you are going to work by bike, opt for shorts and a T-shirt and change when you get to the office.


It is a wonderful thing to have showers at your office. Although it takes some effort to carry your towel, flip flops, and soap every day, you can be sure that it’s worth the effort. Naturally you will have to leave from home a bit earlier to shower, but anyway, you would shower at home as well.

No showers

In case your office building doesn’t have showers, you should find out whether there is a fitness facility nearby. It might be worth it to get a membership for you to be able to access their lockers and showers. Another possibility is to have a sponge bath before you change into your office clothes.


During the summer it is a must for bikers to have a bottle cage and make sure that your refill before each ride. If you are going for a longer ride, plan the route so that you will have a place to refill. Another option is to carry larger amounts of water.


In case of shorter trips it is alright to have simple water with you. However, if you are going on a longer ride, it might be a good idea to bring some sports drink that would replace your electrolytes. There are some other options for electrolyte replacements as well, both in solid and fluid form.

Sun protection

Another aspect to consider is protection against the sun. While you could opt for sunscreen, bikers also have the possibility to wear outfits that protect them against the sun. This might be better than covering the skin with chemicals. On the other hand, applying sunscreen has cooling effects, that clothing cannot offer,

Take it slow

Although it might be tempting to show off your speed, in heat it is better to take things slow.