UFC Open Nationwide Gym Chain

Boxing gyms have been popular hangouts for young men for well over a century.

They are found often in rundown neighborhoods where young fighters dream of one day escaping and becoming the next Muhammad Ali.

Now these establishments are to have new competition in the shape of UFC gyms. Over the past decade Ultimate Fighting Championship, bouts have been fought out for the benefit of massive TV audiences worldwide.

Bringing fame, glory, and a considerable amount of money to the few who can make it through to become champions. Now the company has plans to bring Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) gyms to a shopping mall near you.

They are planning a string of UFC gyms across the country hoping to cash in on the incredible popularity of the sport. And also bring in those who enjoy martial arts as a fitness regime.

They claim that they will be employing the very best martial arts fitness instructors available in order to create a brand name with a very solid and publicly acceptable reputation.

Like old-fashioned boxing gyms, they intend to cater for all levels from beginners to world champions in the same gym. With instruction for novices and experts alike.