Top 5 Anti-Aging Vitamins And Supplements

Ageing is a natural phenomenon and yes it is unpleasant. There are different factors that result to ageing other than the natural ageing of our cells at different ages. To prevent the body from showing signs of ageing, today there are several anti-ageing products available in the market.

Before going for these products one should know as to which of these supplements or products are suitable and which of these are not. We are already aware of the several common ones like the Vitamins A, C, and K. However, there are quite a few not so popular yet good anti-ageing supplements available in the market and below given is a list of the same.

anti aging vitamins and supplementsNiacin

The B-3 of this category is rich with anti-ageing properties. It helps your skin retain moisture thus keeping it supple, young and healthy even as you age. It also acts as an exfoliater to your otherwise dry skin thus helping your body discard its dead cells. In fact, if you suffer from a dry skin syndrome it might be possible that you suffer from a niacin deficiency in your system.

Vitamin C

Apart from boosting your immune system, this vitamin noticeably helps you during the transition period of aging. It helps in the production of collagen, prevents skin damage due to sun rays, wrinkles and dark pigmentation. Include some amount of broccoli, bell peppers, strawberries, lemons, guava, oranges and pineapples in your diet to see the magic of retaining youth. Or else you can buy the vitamin C capsules and have them daily as prescribed by the doctor.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Considered as one of the most effective biomarkers of ageing, Coenzyme primarily aids in the vitality factor of the body for cells to function. It helps in the production of adenosine triphosphate that produces energy in the mitochondria. Many researchers have proved that Coenzyme has slowed down a multiple aging markers in humans like delaying skin deformities and also lethargic attitude.


This is a nutrient that again aids in avoiding aging traits as it can help turn your body fats into energy. Carnitine restores cellular function and thereby increases vitality, responsiveness, alertness, memory and agility in body functions. As we age, the cernitine levels decrease in the cells and the deficiency leads to the death of mitochondrial functions. If the levels are properly supplemented, most of the aging factors can be revived.

Vitamin K

Dark circles under your eyes are a common trouble at old age. They make you look much older, fatigued and tired than you actually are, and the causes are many, not just the age factor. However, vitamin K helps to prevent these dark circles if taken in time. It helps to prevent the leakage of capillaries around the eyes, that’s leads to pooling and blood clotting that shows the puffy eyes and also the darkened circles. Many studies have showed that vitamin K helps in the limitation of capillaries, and breaks up the tiny blood clots that form dark circles.