List of Benefits and Side Effects of Using Copper Supplements

Copper is a trace mineral and is also the third most abundant of all the trace elements found in the human body.  Copper plays an important role in preventing iron deficiency since without small amounts of copper, iron cannot get absorbed and offer its benefits to the body.

Besides this, there are many other reasons why copper is important for humans and their health. In order to ensure sufficient quantity of copper in the body, one can take copper supplements. But before opting for them, it is important to know the benefits and also the side effects of taking them and below given is the list of the same.

benefits and side effects of using copper supplements

Benefits of Copper Supplements

  • Copper supplements can help to form red blood cells, hemoglobin and bone and hence are highly important for us.
  • Since copper is crucial for our nerve health and for building and maintaining myelin, copper supplements help our bodies to improve overall nerve function.
  • Copper supplements also help us in the development as well as the maintainance of bones and skin. It also helps to improve the performance of the joints and the blood vessels.
  • Copper plays an important role in making of melanin as well as the healing process. Therefore copper supplements can help us to heal faster and produce more melanin which is responsible for giving color to hair and skin.
  • Copper supplements also help the body to absorb iron and hence prevent suffering from iron deficiency or anemia. Those suffering from iron deficiency are hence recommended to do a course of copper supplementation.
  • Copper deficiency can cause osteoporosis and hence by taking copper supplements, one can prevent this condition and other bone related problems and abnormalities.

Side Effects of Copper Supplements

  • It is a fact that copper or copper supplements can prove toxic if they are taken in excess amounts. Due to this there can be many side effects and some of them include nausea, muscle pain, vomiting, depression, diarrhea, irritability, nervousness and joint pain.
  • Another serious side effect of using copper supplements is that they can affect your digestive system. Due to excessive use of these supplements, one can experience heartburn, upset stomach, abdominal pain and vomiting etc.
  • Prolonged usage of copper supplements can also have a negative effect on the liver. Liver damage can be caused due to continuous usage of high amounts of copper. One must not consume more than the tolerable upper limit of 10 mg of copper per day.
  • Copper can also cause other side effects like fainting, dizziness, headaches, blood urine, and pain during urination. In some rare cases, excess consumption of copper supplements can also lead to kidney failure, coma and even death.
  • Copper supplements may also interfere with other drugs in the bloodstream which can cause stomach ulcers, heartburn and other side effects. Thus they must be taken under medical supervision to avoid any problems or negative health effects.

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