Liquid Vitamins Are Far More Effective Than Pills

Pills are a regular part of most people’s lives, whether they are medications or vitamins.

Interestingly enough, there are more multivitamins sold across the US than Viagra or Prozac.

This is because people want to be healthy and prolong their lives as long as possible, and if taking a vitamin in the morning can aid this pursuit most people are game to try.

However, a lot of people take anywhere from five or more multivitamins which can make the whole idea sound absurd, so here is a breakdown on how to get the same results from less vitamin

First of all, you need to understand that although most nutrients and vitamins come from eating a healthy balanced diet with plenty of greens and fruits, it is impossible to get all of your nutrients every day from food, which is where vitamin pills come into play.

The US Government actually found that in 1936 the soil in most developed countries is depleted of most naturally occurring minerals. Thus, almost three quarters of a century later it is a safe bet to assume that we are missing many of the vital vitamins even if we practice a proper diet plan.

Without, for example, calcium, your body’s bones will start to weaken and break very easily until you lose your structural support.  Without tin you may find yourself prematurely bald or without selenium you may find yourself infertile, with an irregular heartbeat, and even with muscular dystrophy.

The list continues on and on, but the point remains the same, the human body needs all of its proper minerals and nutrients in order to properly function.

When you take a powder hard capsule pill your body only absorbs approximately 10-20% of vitamins administered, but when taken in liquid form about 98% of nutrients are absorbed.

Thus, the clear solution to a lack of nutrients is to begin taking them in a liquid form so that you can take one dose and receive all of the proper minerals and nutrients in one dose.

The fact that pills do not give enough of the vitamins they hold means in reality you need to take anything from five to ten times the recommended dose to enable your body to absorb the full 100% needed, which just don’t sound very wise as you would never know what is actually the amount your body is absorbing.

Plus, liquid is much easier to swallow and can even be given to children in the proper dosages to help them live better as well. Therefore, the choice is yours, juggle five pills in the morning or swallow one dosage that will give your body everything it needs.