The Sunshine Vitamin: Food Sources for Vitamin D

Vitamin D is popularly called the “sunshine vitamin” because the skin produces it when exposed to sunlight.  Vitamin D helps in strengthening the immune system andalso aids in muscle movement and transmission of messages through nerves.

However, one of the most vital roles of vitamin D is that it helps your body to absorb calcium. Deficiency of vitamin D causes bone softening, a condition known as osteomalacia which eventually leads to osteoporosis and rickets.

Vitamins and supplements are essential for the human body. Vitamin D can be found in a number of food sources as well. Let us see some such food sources that are rich in the “sunshine vitamin!”

The Sunshine Vitamin: Food Sources for Vitamin D


Salmon contains more vitamin D than any other food. Wild salmon is known to contain more of the vitamin than farmed ones.


Go for fortified milk. One glass of milk on a regular basis can really help you meet your vitamin D requirements. Vitamins and supplements are necessary for a healthy body and milk is a super food that you must consume on an everyday basis.


Just like fortified milk, opting for fortified cereals can be a healthy choice. So you need to choose your brand of cereals carefully before buying from the shop. A healthy breakfast of cereals can really take you a long way in leading a healthier life.


Study has shown that two full sized eggs contain almost one tenth of a regular vitamin D dose. It is suggested to go for free-range chickens, for example the ones that are raised in backyards these days. Not only eggs from free-range chickens are healthier, but they are more delicious as well.


Mushrooms are known to have a good quantity of vitamin D but that depends on the type of mushroom you are going for. Shiitake mushrooms are the best choice for vitamin D rich mushrooms. You can go for white mushrooms too, but they are known to contain a relatively lesser quantity of vitamin D in them.

Beef liver

If someone is not getting enough exposure to sunlight then he can go for eating beef liver. It is found that three ounces of beef liver contains about one fourteenth of regular dose of vitamin D. If you are intending to buy beef liver then it is advised to go for grass fed beef as it is high on nutritional value.

Ricotta cheese

This variety of cheese is the biggest storehouse of vitamin D as compared to other types of cheeses.  In fact, research has shown that ricotta cheese contains more than 5 times vitamin D than the other varieties of cheese. Thus, including ricotta in your daily diet can be a healthy choice for you and your family. As vitamins and supplements are necessary these days you should always go for healthier food choices.

So, with this we complete our list of vitamin D rich foods and as it is an important vitamin you should take care when it comes to your daily intake of vitamin D. Eat healthy, be healthy!