The Majority Of Adult Steroid Users Look For Muscles, Not Medals!

The majority of non-medical anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) users are not cheating athletes or risk-taking teenagers. The majority did not use steroids during adolescence and were not motivated by athletic competition or sports performance.

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Steroids are not only used by sports man, but people who want to improve their physical appearance with strong muscles are also using these steroids. Most of the non athletes who have the intention to improve their physical appearance are taking larger doses of steroids.

The doses which are taken by them are larger than previously recorded and they are not stopping steroid abuse even though they are all admitted to adverse side effects [Side Effects of Steroids]. Health concerns are not enough to deter their steroid use.

The survey was conducted to identify the current trends in steroid taking habits. The various researchers posted a mysterious, self administered opinion poll to several message boards on the websites popular among steroid users.

It is known that the usage of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) is widespread among body builders to increase their muscle strength and size. 500 AAS users are participated in a survey.

The facts which are known by them are: among 500 members nearly 60 percent (298/500) are reportedly using 100mg of testosterone or its equivalent per week, the majority of AAS users (99.2 percent or 496/500) self administer their injections and 13 percent (65/500) are reported to unsafe injection practices such as sharing needles, sharing multi dose vials and re-using needles.

Risks associated with steroids:

People who are using these AAS are not monitoring or sensing the dangerous game played with these drugs. Severe health risks are associated with this steroid abuse such as early heart disease, changes in blood cholesterol level [Reduce Cholesterol Levels], including sudden death, etc.

Four out of five respondents report a greater interest or desire to improve their physical appearance than to protect their health. The growth of huge muscle mass in short period of time are making them passionate to use these steroids even though they are prone to health problems.