What Is Best For Muscle Building? Whey Protein Or Soy?

The article raises this question concerning muscle building supplements and which is best – soy or whey protein, and comes down on the side of whey or milk based proteins. Years of experimental research have now clearly indicated that there is a slight advantage that milk proteins have over soy.

soy beansSo does this mean that you have to spend large amounts of money on buying expensive whey supplements or protein powders? Not so, say experts, since good old skim milk will probably work just as effectively.

The write up also busts another myth; that soy lowers testosterone and male androgen markers.

Soy may in fact be good for men of advanced years, since there is evidence to suggest that soy offers protection against prostate cancer.  Studies of large soy eating populations have confirmed this finding.

As in all things the bottom line is that moderation is the key. Consuming soy is also good for you, so long as you don’t overdo it, say the experts. And this soy can come from food sources or from protein supplements, both are good so long as it is kept to reasonable levels of consumption.