Bikram Yoga Basics

Bikram yoga is also known as hot yoga. Bikram yoga has twenty six postures performed in a special environment where the air must be heated up to ninety degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat is utilized in this yoga to let you go deeper and to melt safer in to bikram yoga asana.

Bikram yoga consists of standard postures, backward bends, forward bends, and the twists.

If the environment is heated to ninety degrees Fahrenheit, the body becomes more flexible to perform the asanas.

It reduces injuries, causes your body to sweat more and helps in removing the harmful toxins in your body.bikram yoga

These postures work with your muscles as well as with your inner organs. Each posture stretches and strengthens your muscles, joints and tendons and works on your glands and nervous system.

Bikram yoga increases your strength and toughens your body. As you work in high temperatures, you need to wear comfortable clothes that breathe well enough while you are sweating.

Bikram yoga also helps in stress management and improves your blood circulation. It also helps in losing weight and developing toned and strong muscles.

All asanas are practiced twice. This helps in deeper stretching, teaches you good body awareness and allows for corrections to alignment given by your yoga teacher. Correct alignment is essential than depth because it provides for deeper and safer benefits.

You should not practice with out a teacher in the beginning and you should practice in a heated room with at least body temperature. The speed of your progress depends on you, your abilities, how much time and effort you are giving to practice bikram yoga.

Problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, insomnia, osteoarthritis, alignment, rheumatoid and other medical problems have shown improvement with regular practice of bikram yoga.

Benefits of bikram yoga:

  • Depending on the requirement of the body, your body may lose weight or gain weight.
  • It lengthens and increases your strength of muscles.
  • Bikram yoga works on every nerve, tendon, organ, ligament, muscle, and organ in the whole body.
  • It builds your mental strength and teaches to hold your mind in meditative and focused state.
  • It improves your lung functioning and heart condition.
  • It prevents or improves chronic illness and prevents injury.
  • It increases your capacity to breathe deeply and fully.
  • It improves your metabolism and digestive system.
  • It improves your memory power, body coordination, balance and learning process.
  • It improves regenerative and healing powers of the body.
  • It improves your back conditions such as pain and misalignment.
  • It gives more peaceful mind and cultivates a sense of well being.
  • Your endocrine and exocrine glands are stimulated and massaged to function properly.
  • It increases flexibility of your body.
  • It promotes good night’s sleep.
  • It improves your body posture and awareness.
  • It provides cardiovascular workout without any negative impacting forces.
  • Your body will be well toned.
  • It improves your peripheral circulation and lymphatic system.

Bikram yoga can be practiced by all age groups, personalities and body types. There is no need to scare to practice bikram yoga if you are practicing in a right way. You should stop practicing if you feel uncomfortable. Don’t push yourself too much when your body is not in a position to exercise.