Hatha Yoga Basics

Hatha yoga is an easy and important type of yoga popular in Western countries and United States. Hatha is made of two words: ‘Ha’ means Sun and ‘tha’ means moon. Yoga means to join or unite. Hatha yoga means union of sun and moon. It means harmonizing the positive and negative currents in the body.

Hatha yoga is an excellent means of stretching, exercising and freeing so that the body can be healthy, vital, and long lived instrument of the soul and mind.

Hatha yoga asanas prepares our body for the spiritual path via breathing and physical exercises. Hatha yoga is the best to start with if you never tried yoga before.hatha yoga

Hatha yoga mainly concentrates on asanas, dhyana and pranayama. It aims at balancing different energy flows within the human body.

If you are practicing hatha yoga asanas, your mind become clear and you can concentrate well. As your minds become clear, your healthy body enables to meditate easily.

Practice hatha yoga with a calm and meditative mind. Sit quietly and relax your mind for few minutes. Now you can start doing asanas slowly. Don’t overstretch yourself as it may lead to injuries.

Asanas are positions of the body that strengthen, purify and balance the endocrine, circulatory and nervous systems. Asanas have healing properties and prevent diseases to occur. Hatha yoga methods are used to treat emotional disorders and chronic illnesses.

If you practice asanas regularly, your body becomes flexible, bone strength increases, will power and concentration increases. You breathe more easily, your body gets rid off all toxins, your weight decreases, you gain energy, your blood pressure normalize, your stress decreases, and your negative thoughts decreases.

Pranayama depends on the breathing techniques. Pranayama is derived from prana (energy source or life force) and ayama (to control).The practice of pranayama help to get energy inside your body. Our mind can be controlled by controlling our breath.

Hatha yoga asanas works all your muscles of the body. It tones your body and helps to build stamina to perform other exercises in the future.

Some of the examples of hatha yoga asanas are:

Gentle yoga: This type of yoga is used by the beginners. This is used to warm up the body and works on joints and glands. It can be used for warm up for rigorous exercises.

Restorative yoga: This type of yoga focuses on poses which are restful and rejuvenating even for those who cannot perform any physical movements. Restorative yoga adds balance to your hectic schedule and also brings the body into balance.

The hatha yoga asanas cures the following problems such as Asthma, arthritis, appendicitis, anemia, abdominal problems, accumulation of fat, constipation, back pain, hypertension, headache, diabetes, gastric problems, nervousness, memory loss, eye weakness and immune system support.

Advanced hatha yoga practitioners get more health benefits by following particular asanas. You have to practice all asanas without giving strain to your body, spine and ligaments. All hatha yoga asanas improve blood flow and oxygen supply to various parts of the body