Kundalini Yoga – A Dynamic Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a dynamic yoga which is kept secret for millenniums. It is a method of expanding consciousness and maintaining the new awareness. It concentrates on the awakening of the energy that is found at the base of your spine. This energy is going to take the form of snake.

Therefore it is called as kundalini; the meaning is ‘coiled up’. Kundalini yoga awakens this snake and sends moving up your spine to the brain which results in uplifting state of delight and attentiveness.

Kundalini yoga poses deals with basic life energy, prana. Prana is the sub atomic energy, the life force. Kundalini yoga teaches how to use prana as it is the path of the discovery of the source of the prana.

kundalini yogaIt passes through different chakras or centers of consciousness which are in the human body, once the kundalini is awakened.

Awakening the kundalini is not a big deal since for life to exist in us, it must already be active. We do not know what contributed to this awakening but moments of deeper awakening happen in life.

To awaken the kundalini, you need patience, devotion and perseverance to your practice. You may get different feelings once it is awakened.

You may feel tickling sensations along the spinal cord or you may feel trembling, pains in the areas of different chakras, tingling sensations and nervousness. There are seven chakras which provide power or experience when stimulated.

To understand the movement of kundalini, you should have knowledge about the nervous system, especially the spinal cord because the seven chakras are found to be in this area of the body.

If you are practicing kundalini yoga poses, it balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables you to control the energy of the mind and the emotions. Therefore you can control yourself rather than being controlled by your thoughts and feelings.

The kundalini in your body can be awakened by practicing mantras, asanas and pranayama, the help of guru, practicing bhakta yoga and hatha yoga, and concentrating and training your mind.

If you are practicing kundalini yoga and awakening kundalini without the help of guru, it can be dangerous. Without the help of guru, the results of practicing kundalini yoga poses are stress, headaches, irregular breathing, depression, forceful mood swings, mental confusion, dissipated behavior and psychosis. Therefore you should not awaken kundalini with force without guru.

The Kundalini yoga poses can be practiced in different ways:

Meditation poses: These type of poses find peace of mind, improves consciousness, creativity and harmony.

Relaxation poses: These poses are used to reduce stress and reinforce physically and mentally.

Physical poses: These poses gives flexibility to your body, strengthen your nervous and glandular system, stretch your muscles, improves the digestive system, balance and stimulate various functions, improve blood circulation and improves sexual energy.

Breathing poses: These poses control your emotions, and purify respiratory system.

Kundalini yoga is more than a physical exercise. It is powerful, dynamic tool for increasing awareness. It perfects the finite life while connecting it to the infinite experience.