Practice Bikram Yoga to Detoxify Your Body!

Bikram yoga offers 26 postures and they are not too complicated. These are similar to the techniques that you do before football practice.

There is no need to hold the postures for long time; just you need to hold each pose for 10-20 seconds.

Starters who are practicing bikram yoga postures will lose 600 calories within one session.

Overheating your body will soften the collagen around the joints. Collagen is like a plastic and its rigidity eases when you warm it.

Stretching for more benefits:

Bikram yogaHigher temperatures will feed your muscles by leading to faster circulation of oxygen carrying red blood cells, which helps in burning excess fat. When you pump more oxygen into your muscles, you can burn more fat.

The best way to allow the blood into your muscle tissues is to stretch. Heating up your body improves the process of metabolism and Bikram yoga postures help by improving your circulation and elasticity.

Achieve fitness and cure health problems with bikram yoga postures:

Bikram yoga not only offers fitness but also helps to cure many health problems varying from insomnia to fatal kidney cancer. Research conducted on different people revealed that people who follow bikram yoga, can get these additional benefits.

  • Solving the problems associated with high blood pressure
  • No need of insulin for a diabetic
  • Cure for Lyme disease
  • Prevention of irregular heartbeat

But, one thing you need to keep in mind is no exercise changes your psychological makeup. It relieves the symptoms of your disease but won’t remove the disease itself.

Few bikram yoga postures which you can practice at home:

In order to practice bikram yoga postures, you need a superheated room i.e. in between 95-100 degrees, a mat, a mirror and permission from your practitioner. Here are five postures, which explain you what you are here for. Hold all postures for 10 – 20 seconds.

Awkward pose: Position on your feet by keeping them 6 inches apart and widen your arms straight in front and parallel to the floor. Now raise your heels until you feel balanced and slowly twist your thighs until they become parallel to the floor. Keep the back in a straight line and also your heels high.

Full locust: Lie on your stomach by keeping your legs straight and arms extended out on the sides. Take a deep breath and raise your legs, arms and head. Once you are fully stretched, hold the pose for 10-20 seconds.

Half tortoise: Keeping your legs together and your back straight, kneel down and rest your butt on your heels. Expand your arms directly above your head and then gradually bend further as if you are trying to touch your forehead to the floor.

Rabbit pose: Keep your legs together, kneel down on your back and relax your butt on your heels. Now arrive at back, grip the heels tightly and bend your forehead near to your knees.

Stand bow bulling: Stand straight, twist your right knee and lift your right foot behind you so that you can grab it with your right hand. Raise your left arm straight in front of yourself and slowly lean forward until your thigh becomes parallel to the floor.

Bikram Yoga postures goes beyond promising limber limbs and it also helps relieve the symptoms of certain diseases.