The Benefice of Pranayama Breathing

Pranayama breathing is known as the science of controlled breath. It is made of a series of exercises that are meant to meet the needs of the body and to keep it in good health. Pranayama is made of three words: prana that refers to life energy, yama meaning control or discipline and ayama meaning extension.


Information about breathing of pranayama

If you try it, you can see that pranayama actually means controlled breath. The main point of the practice isn’t just to take deep breaths. It is usually used by the yoga practitioners to prepare for their meditation. Breathing means an intake of oxygen that reaches the different parts of the body and it is turned into energy.

According to the yoga breathing, in the moment when we exhale, we get rid of the toxins. Pranayama can help people achieve a balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen. This is also a way of linking the mind, body and spirit. Since people’s lives are filled with stress, they often neglect their breathing.


The truth regarding pranayama breathing is that the majority of people use only a small portion of their lungs’ capacity that leads to oxygen starvation, triggering health issues. This means that there will be more negative energy in our body. If you have systematic and controlled breathing, you could reenergize your body.


The breathing part of yoga consists of four stages. The first one is Arambha. This is the stage when a person gets interested in the practice. The second stage is Ghata. This means the merging of the three sariras to cover the soul. These sariras are considered to be subtle, gross and casual.

The third stage of pranayama breathing is Parichay. This is the stage when the practitioner already has knowledge about pranayama. The last stage is Nispatti. At this point the practitioner goes beyond the physical body and he or she gets united with the supreme.


The most important thing about this breathing style is that it teaches people the right way to breathe. In the same time it also reduces the waste products and toxins of the human body. Pranayama can also be helpful with digestion improving the metabolism. Concentration and focus is also better when practicing pranayama.

Now that you know more about pranayama breathing, you may find a reason to start practicing it. There are a lot of benefits that could determine you to find out more about the topic.