Want A Better Sex Life? Try Yoga!

We have all heard that yoga is good exercise but who would have thought those poses with the unusual names would make for a better sex life?

They can! Men who experience problems with premature ejaculation had better results using yoga than when using Prozac and over-the-counter medications.

Women reported increased levels of arousal and better orgasms after they began practicing yoga.

Why does yoga have these benefits? Physically speaking, the practice of yoga will make you stronger, more energetic, and more flexible. You will have increased endurance, improved circulation, and better joint health.yoga1

It is easy to see how these qualities translate into more active and satisfying sexual activity. Exercises which target the pelvic muscles can also improve the quality of orgasms.

People who practice yoga also develop a new awareness and appreciation for what their body is capable of doing. This translates into increased confidence, which can translate into increased sexual confidence.

Mentally speaking, yoga exercises teaches you to block out distractions and focus on your body and your breathing, skills which also come in handy during sex.

While having a better sex life is not the only reason to explore yoga for fitness, it is certainly one unexpected and pleasant bonus of this ancient type of exercise.