Yoga Helps With Women’s Eating Disorders

yogaA new US study suggests that regular yoga practice may help promote a better self image and lead to a lower occurrence in eating disorders among young women,

University of California researchers found that women who regularly practiced yoga were less likely to develop eating disorders and had better self-images when compared with those who did not participate in yoga and tended to stay in shape with aerobic workout activities such as treadmills and jogging.

The researchers studied one group of women who attended yoga classes regularly, one group of women that regularly participated in aerobic exercises, and one group that did not participate in either. Each group filled out questionnaires that reflected their eating habits and personal self-image.

Without any age restrictions, women in the yoga group were found to report less self-objectification and had a better self image and less eating disorders than women in the other two groups, the study report said.

Additionally, the more often the women practice yoga the better their self-image attitude was and the better their eating habits.

Jennifer Daubenmier, the author of the study, said that the results suggest women may be able to use yoga as a way to create a buffer between themselves and mainstream media’s portrayal of a women’s body type leading to success.