Yoga Pose Basics:

Yoga pose works on your mind and body and makes your body lighter and healthier.

Yoga pose helps in supply of blood to brain and various parts of the body.

Your body becomes purified and you become healthy and conscious.

Some of the yoga poses are described here.

Lotus pose (padmasana): Lotus pose requires crossing your legs while keeping your back straight. Sit down on the floor with legs stretched and keeping your palms down. Hold your right foot and put it on the left thigh until it touches the hip joint. Similarly, hold your left foot and put it on the right thigh until it touches the hip joint. Keep your hands upwards or pose

This pose has lot of benefits such as increasing attentiveness, stimulating body parts, relaxing effect and increasing awareness. It also develops in maintaining good body posture.

Easy pose (sukhasana): Easy pose is a comfortable seated position for meditation. Sit on the floor by crossing the legs and placing the feet below the knees. Place your palms facing up on the knees. Press your hip bones down in to the floor. Drop the shoulders down and back and press the chest forwards. This pose is used to open the hips and strengthen the spine.

Yoga pose (yogasana): Yogasana requires sitting and crossing your legs. Put your hand behind you and hold the left wrist with right hand. With deep breath slowly bring your forehead and nose in contact with the floor. Exhale as you lower your head. Keep your head on the floor for about ten seconds and rise up slowly breathing in as you reach the initial position.

Hero pose (virasana): sit on your heels and legs underneath you. Keep your knees together, lift the buttocks and move your feet apart placing them on either side of the buttocks. Place your hands on the thighs, palms facing up. Sit straight, relax your shoulders and face muscles.

Corpse pose (shavasana): Lie down quietly on the surface on your back. Rest your hands at your sides and keep your palms facing up. Make your mind clear. Take long breaths with your mind in relaxed condition.

Bow pose (dhanurasana): Lie down on the stomach and reach back and grasp your ankles and inhale. Lifting your legs, head and chest, arch the back into a bow. Retain your breath, exhale and lie flat. Repeat it four to five times.

Wind relieving pose (pavana muktasana): This pose can relieve unwanted gases from your body. The excess gas would be removed from the stomach and the digestive system will be improved. Lie down on your back. As you inhale, bend your knees. Wrap your hands around right leg and press it to your chest. As you exhale release the leg. Raise your chin to your knee, breath and relax. Repeat the same procedure with the left leg.

Yoga poses are very effective and they have many benefits:

  • It helps in reducing the weight loss and illnesses and makes your body healthy.
  • It massages the internal organs of the body.
  • It increases the flexibility of the body.
  • It helps in reducing health problems such as arthritis, backache and digestive problems.