Yogilates – A Cocktail Of Fitness And Energy

This funny name is the property of a balanced training that took all the best from two other famous fitness areas: Yoga and Pilates.

The name of Yogilates is very new to many and after reading about it, anyone may find it very tempting to try it and see the results.

It is a new wave of healthy body workout that is considering both the body of the one practicing it but also his or hers mind and spirit.

Yogilates was the idea of Jonathan Urla, a simple Pilates instructor but also a personal trainer. After thinking about combining the two types of fitness he was convinced that the method will work. This is how the Yogilates came to be very popular.Yogilates

From the Yoga branch this routine takes the flexibility workout and from Pilates it brings the muscle force exercise as well as the ability to focus.

Through Yogilates you can get to know your body better, have the right balance, breathe properly and have self control. Although it seems a rather feminine routine it seems to conquer more and more male fans in US.

The moves involve mostly the belly muscles, the buttocks and the back. While some body parts are relaxed others are tensed. It is needed to get used to the movement and to practice them every day sometimes even when you are not working out.

A large accent is set on breathing, and learning to find balance and avoid panic is a great benefice for anyone.