4 Secrets Revealed To Build Big Biceps

Performing bicep curls and dumbbell curls set after set alone cannot help you to build big biceps.

The main secret behind building big biceps is using push and pull technique in your bicep training along with bicep curls.

This particular principle applies enough stress on your biceps and lead to muscle growth in your arms.

Here are few tips that are helpful for building big biceps.

bicep curls

  1. Regularly practice Preacher curls
  2. For muscle development in lower portion of your bicep muscles, preacher curls will be very helpful. It is quite easy to perform preacher curls. So, don’t miss this workout while training biceps.

  3. Go for Partial workouts
  4. Even though partials are quite tough to perform, these workouts really bring great difference in your muscle growth. Try to practice partial workouts at the top first and bottom next. Practice several reps until you feel tired.

  5. Exercise for at least twice in a week
  6. You don’t need to spend much time on your biceps. Just once or twice in a week is enough to grow big biceps. Don’t over do or over train your biceps.

  7. Never give up in between
  8. Whether you are trying to build big biceps or 6 pack abs, once you have adopted an exercise routine, you shouldn’t give up in between under any circumstances. It can really affect you a lot. So, plan for fitness routine that is comfortable with your daily routine.