6 Commandments for Ripped Abs

To get results quickly in your goal to sculpted abdominal muscles, keep in mind the following 6 commandments for ripped abs

ripped abs

  1. Don’t miss a post workout meal because this will cause your metabolic rate to drop rather than rise and in effect you will not be able to maximize results of the workout.
  2. Each meal or snack you have should contain protein because it is this nutrient that will help a person retain lean muscle and burn fat instead. Rather than red meat, source your protein from lean meats such as chicken and fish and egg whites.
  3. Don’t ignore carbs. Have at least one high carb day to help your metabolism running on high. Try and coordinate the hardest workout days with the high carb meals.
  4. Casein Protein should be had before bed. This way you can ensure that the muscles have access to protein even during the time that the body is fasting.
  5. Include fish oil in your diet. This is a desirable type of fat in any case, and particularly when it comes to developing lean muscle.
  6. Reduce sodium intake. This is recommended so that the body retains less water and your body’s muscles are more clearly delineated.