6 Ways Of Getting Ripped Abs

Having ripped abs is a dream of almost everyone, whether you admit it or not.

There are many different ways to get washboard abs.

Some are effective, others are not.

Here are six tips that you may not have heard of, but they are effective none the less for getting rock hard abs.

1. Eating Low GI Foods

Eating low GI foods can help you with getting flat abs. By changing your diet, you will help with the fat burning and low GI will not bloat you the way that other higher GI food can.

If you want ripped abs, change your diet to include more low GI food. These low GI foods, burn fat without wasting the muscle in the body.

2. Use a Gazelle

Everyone has heard of the Gazelle. This machine is a low impact machine which is perfect for developing those ripped abs. This machine will give you a total workout while burning calories. So a two in one combination that gets you ripped, unlike other fancy machines or fad diets that do nothing for you.

3. Breathing and Hollowing

This also might come as a surprise to most folks. Breathing and hollowing your abdominal wall can actually help you achieve those ripped abs that you want to have.  This is a little known secret to creating that flat abs that you desire.

4. Do the Plank

This is a good exercise for getting beautiful, ripped abs. There are four different variations of this exercise to work all your abdominal muscles. Assume the traditional push up pose, then for an added workout, lift one arm and leg for maximum working of the abdominal areas. Usage of Swiss Balls is also recommended.

5.  Use a Swiss Ball

Here is another eye opener for getting ripped abs.  Using the Swiss Ball as a part of your exercise program, can add dimension to your workout. They also work the various muscles in your abdomen. This will give you the flat abs that you want with a hard core workout that looks deceptively simple.

6. Change Your Nutritional Habits

While most people know that nutritional habits need to change, they are not sure what to change.  Eliminate high fructose corn syrup and fat to help you develop those rock hard abs. Nutrition is the key.