Achieve Muscle Fitness For Lifting Heavy Objects And Longer Workouts!

Muscle fitness means having more powerful muscles which can lift heavy objects or muscles that work longer before becoming exhausted.

With muscle fitness, you gain muscular strength and endurance, get lean body mass, and can attain overall stability and balance.

Your blood sugar levels, body fat, body aches, fatigue and psychological stress are reduced with muscle fitness.

Achieving muscle fitness:

A resistance training program is used to increase muscle fitness.Muscle Fitness

The resistance training program includes basic muscle conditioning exercises such as leg lifts, and push ups, and weight training with free weights.

Leg lifts: This exercise is designed to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. Lie on your back and raise both the legs simultaneously above the ground and hold it for few seconds.

Push ups: Lie down with your face facing the ground and your hands and feet are touching the ground.

Lower your body by bending your arms until your chest nearly touches the floor. Wait for few seconds and raise your body until your arms are near straight. Pause for two seconds and repeat the exercise again.

Squats: This exercise is performed by squatting down with a weight held across the upper back and then standing up straight again. This exercise involves glutes, hamstrings, calves and lower back.

Seated dumbbell curls: By keeping your back flat against the bench, sit up straight or on a weight training bench. Keep the chest elevated and shoulders squared. Hold a pair of weight training dumbbells with your arms hanging straight down. Curl the dumbbells toward your shoulders.

Lying overhead triceps extensions: Lie down on the weight training bench and grasp two dumbbells at shoulder width grip. Lower the weights slowly backward and down in an arc toward your forehead until the elbows form ninety degree angles. Slowly raise the weights without moving upper arms.

Low back extension: Lie face down with hands by your sides on the floor. Breathe in, tighten your abdominals and lift the torso up off the floor as high as possible while exhaling.

Lower the shoulder blades towards the waist while lifting the torso and keep the neck relaxed and straight. While inhaling, lower the body gently to the floor.

Bicep curls: Stand straight with legs hip width apart. Keep the arms by the side with holding hand weights. Hands should be brought up toward the shoulders by keeping the elbows at your side and shoulders relaxed.

Lower them back to the starting position. Wrists should be kept straight and abdomen should be contracted to support the spine

Apart from these exercises, cycling, swimming and skiing also improve muscle fitness. When you begin to start muscle fitness activity, take five to ten minutes to walk, jog or stretch. Warm up exercises are important before starting muscle fitness exercises.

Once you build muscle strength and endurance, you can do more and more of each exercise. You can see the change in the way the muscles look. If number of repetitions and sets are increased, it means your muscle fitness has improved.