Arm Exercise to Have Lean And Shapely Arms!

Strong arms are important to make your day easier.

You expect to pick up everything with your arms without even making an effort to develop and strengthen the muscles.

You can go through your life without building arm muscle, but if you build your arms with arm exercises, it will be easier.

With arm exercise, you can have lean and shapely arms.

When it comes to arm exercise such as weight training, many women are afraid of the images of bulky female bodybuilders and think that weight lifting makes them bulky. But, it is not true.

Female bodies are not built to develop large and hulking muscles like males.Body Building

Lifting weights challenges and strengthens your muscles in order to make them stronger. The stronger your muscles are the best support you will have for your body. Support your body and cut down on aches and pains, injuries and fractures.

No need to concern about your body bulking up out of proportion with arm exercise, it is the time to think weights. If you have done strength training already, have good sets of weights to use.

If you are a beginner, purchase a basic set of hand weights ranging from 3 to 10 lbs. These are not expensive and most of them come with rack for storage.

The advantage of set of weights is you can begin with low weights and wok your way up slowly. To increase the weights, you can purchase individually at the store.

Along with bicep and tricep muscles that allow the arm to follow a full range of movement, there are other two muscles.

These are brachialis, covering the front of the elbow and allowing you to curl the arm up and brachio-radialis, situated on the outside of the forearm and performing twisting motions.

These four muscles work together to allow you to make simplest of motions with arms. From strength training, biceps and triceps are focused, but remaining muscles can also benefit from arm exercises not targeted at them.

Arm exercise to strengthen the bicep muscle is bicep curl. Hold the weights in your hands with arms extended by your sides.

Elbows should be tucked firmly against the body and slowly raise the weights up and then lower. Repeat this arm exercise for 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

You can also build the bicep by performing plank pose from hatha yoga. It is very easy and does not require mat. Lie down on the floor with face down and your hands should be at about shoulder height.

Take a deep breathe. Using your core muscles as well as arms and legs, push your body off the floor until your back is straight and you are balanced on arms and feet.

Maintain the position for a count of 20. Lower and rest for a minute. Repeat for two sets of 10 repetitions. This movement works the biceps and toughens the core muscles.

Plan to work your arm muscles with arm exercises at least three times a week. Start with fifteen minutes of arm exercise and you can see the results within three weeks.