Bench Press Workout To Build Chest Muscles!

Exercises are necessary to maintain your body in perfect shape and to obtain good health.

There are various types of exercises that will help you to maintain your body such as exercise treadmill, cycling, squats, dumbbells, bench press etc.

Each and every exercise will have certain procedure to follow. By following the correct process you can attain good results with in short period of time.

Bench press workout is one type of weight lifting exercise. This bench press will primarily focus on pectoralis major muscle as well as other supporting muscles. This exercise will also help to develop serratus, anterior deltoids, coracobrachialis and triceps.Bench Press

The main features of bench press workout are:

  • Perfect way to get proper shape of your body.
  • Help to gain muscle and lose fat in your body.
  • Help to build upper body muscle/mass.
  • It is back reclinable. So, you can work on your mid chest / upper chest.

The various steps that you should follow while performing bench press workout are:

  • If you prefer to attempt bench press with heavy weight then you should find someone to spot you. This is always a best idea if the weight is too much to handle and it will also give you the confidence that someone is watching your attempt.
  • You should put an appropriate weight on the bar. You should not start with too much weight. You should start with less weight and you have to increase it gradually until you find a weight you are comfortable with.
  • Before starting bench press workout you should lie on the bench and you should take some deep breaths. This technique will help to relax your body.
  • You should make sure that you are centre with the bar. Your eyes should be always looking straight up in the middle of the bar. Obviously some bars will have middle mark on them.
  • You should hold on the bar with the weights on it. The wide grip of the bar will help to develop chest muscles and the narrow grip of the bar will help to develop arm muscles.
  • You should have 5 points of contact. They are: Your feet should be flat on the ground. Your two shoulders should be resting on the bench. Your lower back should be flat and pressed into the bench. You should not arch your back while doing bench press.
  • You should exhale while lifting the bar up.
  • You should lower the bar slowly until it touches your chest and you should lift it up in the reverse direction by making a small arc back towards the bench.
  • You should continue this bench pressing until you feel strain or you want break. You should alternate with your spotter bench while you want to take rest in-between.
  • You should drink plenty of water through out the exercise to make your muscles hydrate.

These are the necessary steps that you should follow while performing bench press workout.