The Best Diet for a Vegetarian Bodybuilder

For any bodybuilder, meat is the primary source of protein and something which is very important for the strength and the nutrients. But what about those bodybuilders who are vegetarians and do not consume meat? Well even vegetarian bodybuilders can gain muscle mass and consume nutrients with the right planning and workout. There are many foods and diet plans which can help them gain the same amount of positive effects as their meat eating counterparts.  The following is a description of the best diet for a vegetarian bodybuilder:

best diet for a vegetarian bodybuilderFruits and Vegetables

For any bodybuilder who is a vegetarian by choice, it is very important to eat a large amount of fruits and vegetables on an everyday basis.  These keep the supply of nutrients and antioxidants upto the mark and also boost the immune system.

Eating enough fruits and vegetables can also boost the overall energy levels and helps in consuming all possible vitamins and minerals.  It is not necessary for the fruits to be fresh and one can also take them in the form of frozen smoothies etc. as well.  Spinach and broccoli are two important vegetables which a vegetarian bodybuilder must concentrate on having. Fruits can also be consumed in the form of fresh fruit juices.

Soy Products

Since meat isn’t a part of the diet of a vegetarian bodybuilder, he/she needs to amp up the protein supply through vegetarian foods. This is where the importance of including soy products to the diet comes to play. Tofu is a great replacement of meat and is also tasty.  Another option is soymilk which too consists of a lot of protein. One can also mix protein powder with soymilk, legumes and even peanut butter. Soy products make a good option for any meal throughout a day.

Grains, Nuts and Legumes

A vegetarian bodybuilder must also maintain the supply of grains, nuts and legumes to the body. These foods are the easiest way to get in some protein and build the muscle mass.  Some examples of foods which vegetarian bodybuilders can have include chickpeas, lentils, walnuts, beans, peanuts, peanut butter and quinoa.  Flaxseeds have the ability to provide the body with the amino acids that may be lacking due to the lack of meat in the diet.  Amino acids are essential for the body as they help in healthy bodybuilding.

Eggs and Dairy Products

Eggs and dairy products are top sources of protein for a bodybuilder who is on a vegetarian diet.  For breakfast, bodybuilders can consider having milk, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese. These foods can also be used in other meals like the lunch and for snacks.

Each of these can be used as a base for a smoothie which is a quick and filling way to consume a large amount of proteins.  Eggs and egg whites can also be opted for and work well in salads, soups, scrambles and stir-fries.  For a little more protein boost, you can even boil them a little.