What Is The Best Way To Build Muscle Fast

Building muscles fast is a technique that following muscle magazines will not teach you. The best way to build muscle fast is not by reading fitness magazines. An average person needs a different approach towards strength training and muscle building. Here are 8 tips that will help you build muscles fast.


1. Gain strength

Strength training is the first step to building muscle. It is recommended that you start with smaller weights and then gradually upgrade to higher ones. As a result, you give your body sufficient time to get used to the previous weights and when it is comfortable you move on to the next level. In weight training, it is important to learn the proper technique of lifting weights. This minimizes the risk of injuries that are a major obstacle to muscle building efforts.

2. Free weights

Barbells are the best way to weight training. Muscle building works on the principle that more stress equates to more muscle. That is, the greater the work done by the body, the greater is the muscle built. Though dumb bells are good for exercises, weight lifting is done with barbells only.

3. Compound exercises

Follow an exercise circuit that involves various routines. This will enable you to work towards as many muscles as possible with each routine. Also it reduces monotony and risk of injury to one specific muscle as is the case with isolation exercise regime.

4. Strengthen your legs

The best work out for your legs are Squats. They not only give enough workouts for your legs, but also to your entire body.  In time, the strength gathered from squats will enable you to lift heavy weights.

5. Choose Full Body Workouts

Exercises that preach spot muscle gain do not do you any good. Choosing full body workouts to isolated ones will give your entire body the required workout in the time that you take to strengthen one part.

6. Recovery time

As a beginner, your muscles need more recovery time than the professionals. You are at risk of exhausting yourself and injuring your muscles in your enthusiasm to gain quick muscle. Allow yourself at least 8 hours of sleep and a nap if possible. Drink plenty of water in between and during work outs.

7. Foods to consume

A diet rich in protein and carbohydrates is important when doing strength training. They should be preferably of the wholesome foods variety. Have small but heavy meals numbering to about 6 per day. Remember to replenish after each workout.

8. Get protein

Proteins are the building blocks of muscle. For building muscle, you are required to take 1g of protein for every pound of your body weight, daily. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy are the best sources of protein.