Learn about the Body Building Dos and Donts

To stay healthy and fit you should embrace exercise in your daily agenda. Depending on your purpose of exercising; you should decide the kind of exercise that should be done. If your target is to build up your body muscles then the first step would be to gather proper knowledge on this subject.

You need to be very careful while gathering knowledge as most of the people consider building up body would only includes show off in gym or picking up weights or consuming lots of chicken breasts. Whereas fact says hard working, dedication and commitment are essential to achieve your goal on this regard.

You must have the knowledge about the dos and donts while exercising to build up body muscles. Here is the checklist –

body building dos and donts


  • Consultation with your health provider must be the first step on this note. If you are being trained through personal trainer, he must be aware about your health concerns before indulging you in the exercise routine to achieve your desired goal.
  • Before plunge into any strenuous lifts, you should go through the process stretching the muscles to warm up blood circulations. This will also be beneficial for you to work out on stiffness or soarness if you have any. Premature fatigue of muscles or cramping or injury can also be prevented through this procedure.
  • Measured and controlled movement will push you more accurately towards your goal. Especially when you are working with heavy weights you should not get through the work out as rapidly as possible.
  • You should be well equipped with required instruments including lifting gloves, footwear and anything else which will be essential for your ambition.
  • Enthusiasm and intensity would be two pillars to the process of body building. It will increase your confidence to be more strenuous.


  • Never opt for lifting heavy weights before you are warmed up. This can put a stop in the process of your good workout schedule.
  • Following the same routine day after day can give birth to monotony which would be surely vey harmful towards your success. Hence to be fresh and provide your body the chance of guessing as well as changing you need to be switch it up.
  • Inspite of comparing your ability with any one else, you should concentrate on your training procedure which will led you to develop your potentialities.
  • You have to be loyal while working out alone. You have to apply your full power to push yourself. Focus your mind to force yourself to the desired goal on the strengths as well as the potentialities which you already comprise of.
  • Building up your body muscles should not involve show offs that how strengthful you are. Hence opt for lifting only that amount of weights which your body form and balance. Improper lifting of heavy weights can led to serious injuries and would curdle down your dreams.
  • Maintaining mind/body connection is very important on this context. You must comprise of positive attitude that “I can do it”. Prepare your mind while setting up your goal in the field of body building or weight training.

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