Body Building Equipment For Maximizing Results!

Body building equipment is specially designed and crafted for the people who have body building goals.

You can maximize the results of obtaining good body with necessary equipments of body building.

The best body building equipment will help to develop healthy muscular muscles in your body.

Here are some of the body building equipments which help you to reach your body building goals:

  • Plate load leverage 40 degrees shoulder press
  • Plate load leverage 40 degrees incline press
  • 7 station unit
  • Sel. leg press
  • Dead lift machine
  • Power runnerBody Building Equipment

The main functions of these body building equipments are explained as follows:

Plate load leverage 40 degrees shoulder press:

  • This equipment consists of independent arms and two position handles which are adjacent to seat height.
  • Ball bearing mechanism should be used on it and you will be inclined at 40 degrees angle for back support and isolation.
  • You have to press overhead as if in a 90 degrees conventional shoulder press.
  • Rubber band technology is used in this in order to obtain progressive resistance.
  • You can use this body building equipment with plates or without plates.

Plate load leverage 40 degrees incline press:

  • The main features of this equipment are: independent arms, adjacent arm mechanism, 40 degrees angle, adjacent seat mechanism and attachments for rubber bands to use with plates or without plates.
  • You can get progressive smooth increase in resistance through the bands.
  • You can achieve higher intensity of workout with this equipment.

7 station unit:

  • It consists of cable crossover with 100lb and your resistance will be increased at sides.
  • The main features of this equipment include 2 seated lat with 250 lb stacks, ball bearing pulleys on crossover, 2 long pulley rows with 300lb and adjacent knee pads on seated lat.
  • The working space required for this equipment is approximately 20’x15’x8′ tall.

Sel. Leg press:

  • This body building equipment consists of adjacent carriage depth for easy entry and exit.
  • The main features of this product include 500lb steel stack, large rubber coated foot plate and 1-5/8 chrome guides.
  • The muscles which are present in your leg will be strengthened with this exercise.

Dead lift machine:

  • The main features of this body building equipment include rubber coated platform, rubber handgrips, plastic covered 1 5/8 solid weight pegs, 1 ½”ball bearing rotation, heavy duty construction, adjacent height mechanism and heavy duty rubber stops.
  • This equipment is designed for dead lifts, shrugs, rows and hack lifts.
  • This equipment is also available in non adjacent height.

Power runner:

  • This body building equipment is used for speed or power conditioning.
  • It performs single leg, reverse leg presses.
  • In this power runner equipment, you will be lifting weights with lower body in running position.

These are the most excellent body building equipments which aid in muscle development.