Body Building Exercise For A Perfect Body

For the beginners, the body building routine can be difficult. They will be confused with which body building exercise works for them. There are different body building exercises to train different parts of the body.

Before starting body building exercise, you have to warm up your body. Warming up increases your performance and reduces the chances of injury. There are many Body building tips which help to improve your health.

Warming up increases the blood circulation to the muscles and lubricates the joints to move smoothly and efficiently.body building exercise

Warming up improves the flexibility of your muscles and enables them to work hard and efficiently.

It increases your arousal level and motivation and prepares you mentally for the exercise workout.

Aerobic exercises such as fitness walking, jogging, and cycling can be performed for five to ten minutes for warming up your body.

Use light weights to warm up the joints, ligaments, and muscles. You can include exercises such as knee bends and arm circles to warm up your body.

Body building exercises:

Body building exercise for arms:
Arm strength development will help your performance in many sports activities. Training the arms include training biceps, triceps and forearms. The bicep curls is the main exercise for biceps. Triceps pushdowns, dips and lying extensions are the exercises for triceps. Triceps make up the largest part of the arm muscles. Wrist curls is the best exercise for forearms.

Body building exercise for shoulders:
Shoulders are the difficult muscles to train and it can change the proportions of your physique. Shoulder training is advantageous in sports involving upper body motions. Shoulder presses and shrugs are the best exercises for shoulders. The shoulder muscles are involved in pushing actions and hitting actions.

Body building exercise for chest:
For many body builders, chest is the most focused and favorite muscle. A strong chest is advantageous in swimming and other gymnastic activities. The chest muscles are involved in all forward and upward reaching actions. The chest muscles are also used in hitting and throwing movements. The bench press is the best exercise for chest.

Body building exercise for back:
Back is the biggest muscle of the body and training your back changes the proportions of your entire body. Lateral pull downs and seated pulley rows are good exercises for upper part of the back. Superman stretch and reverse extension are the exercises for lower back. Strong back muscles are important in sports activities which involve pulling actions such as rowing.

Body building exercise for legs:
Strong and powerful legs are important for sports like jumping, running and lifting. Hamstrings, calves and quadriceps are three different muscles of legs. Leg curls and stiff legged dead lifts are the best exercises for legs which target hamstrings. Calf raises are best for legs which target calves. Squats is the exercise for legs which target quadriceps. Hip and leg extension are useful in kicking, jumping and running.

Body building exercise for abs:
The abs take long time to develop and squeezing the muscle develops abs. crunches, side bends and pelvic tilts are the exercises for abdomen. Upper abs is targeted by crunches, side abs is targeted by side bends and lower abs is targeted by pelvic tilts.