Bodybuilding Supplements – Myths and Facts

The body building supplements have gained immense popularity amongst most of the people, though in the recent scenario some sections also have various misconceptions regarding the effects as well as the usage of bodybuilding supplements. Differentiating the truth and the myth in this context can be little difficult as many most of the opinions are based on individualistic reviews.

However, here we provide you the myths and facts regarding bodybuilding supplements to aid in practical judgment of the product. Body building supplements are beneficial for some but harmful for people with certain health conditions; it is recommended to consult a physician before you start the supplement dosage.

bodybuilding supplements myths and facts1. Myth

Intake of whey protein can add on fat to your body.


The aforesaid myth should not be taken in granted. Whey protein does not add on fat to your body. Only excessive intake of high calories would increase your body fat. On the contrary proper amount of protein intake will assist you to fain your muscle to the maximum level.

2. Myth

Body building supplements have no usage; they will only waste your money.


Wide ranges of body building supplements are available in the market which will add nutritional effects to your body as well as maximize your needs and overall health.

3. Myth

Creatine acts as a steroid.


Study shows that creatine can be defined as a natural substance which is present in human body to formulate energy to cells of muscle. Various anabolic steroid are available to enhance your performance which are cab be treated as drugs. These drugs are taken at high dosages to increase the secretion of male sex hormone called testosterone. Hence it can be concluded that creatine is natural and safe.

4. Myth

Without training, intakes of body building supplements have the capability to improve the strength of your muscle mass.


These body building supplements should not be granted as magic pills which will turn you a bulging body builder in a day. You need to work hard in gym everyday and supplements will amplify your this procedure.

5. Myth

Supplements have various harmful side effects on your body.


Most of the components available in the body building supplements can be found in human body naturally or in your regular diet. Hence you need to be cautious about the proper supplementation to avoid side effects.

6. Myth

Usages of supplements are illegal.


Though some organizations like Olympic Games have prohibited intake of body building supplements by the athletes and body builders, it does not mean that intake of supplements are illegal. You can buy either online or from your local stores.

7. Myth

Body building supplements are quiet costly.


Most of the supplements are not at all expensive rather they are cost-effective and any one can buy these products.

8. Myth

Usage of supplements can lead to the damage of your kidney.


Despite the aforesaid myth, research has shown that ingestion of supplements is absolutely safe and your kidney will work without any damage.