The Main Aspects of a Bodyweight Workout Routine

While many people look down on the possibility of finding a working bodyweight workout routine, there are actually plenty of them available online in the form of tutorials and videos. You can search YouTube or other related video sites for workout routines that you can do from home, so there is really no excuse for not working towards getting your body into shape.

If you aren’t willing to exercise when you know you don’t even have to leave your home or buy workout equipment, then you probably aren’t going to exercise at all anytime soon.

Bodyweight Workout Routine

The best part about a bodyweight workout routine is that it will basically make it impossible for you to ignore your exercises for the day. Since these exercises require little to no equipment and not very much of your time, there really is no reason to blow them off one day when you don’t feel like doing them. Going with a workout routine without equipment basically forces yourself into getting the exercise you need on a daily basis.

The majority of these bodyweight exercise routines revolve around your ability to complete simple workouts on a daily basis. You will probably already know how to do most of the exercises involved in one of these workout routines, but sometimes you will come across an exercise you have never even seen before. The majority of the exercises in these routines will be variations of pushups, sit ups and pull ups that you can do at home on any day of the week.

Choosing your bodyweight workout routine

Choosing your bodyweight workout routine should be a rather simple process because you just need to pick the exercises that will go well with your goals. If you want to get six pack abs or lose weight as quickly as possible, then you should focus on sit ups and crunches. Anyone who wants to build muscle in their upper body will need to focus on pushups and sit ups.

Many people simply do not believe in the ability of these simple workouts to help you build real muscle, but this makes no sense because these workouts are still quite hard after you complete your first few reps. For anyone who hasn’t worked out in a while, these exercises will be the best way to get back into the world of exercise. You should start out rather slow, but try and build up the number of sets and reps you do on a daily basis by beating your previous day’s best every time you exercise.

Always remember to warm up before exercising

Remember to include a short warm up of jumping jacks or arm circles in your bodyweight workout routine to avoid injury. Although you won’t be lifting the heavy materials found in gym rooms, you could still get an injury from doing one of these simple exercises. It’s always advisable to be as safe as possible when doing any type of exercise if you want to avoid injury.