Build Muscle Fast With Static Contraction Workouts

The static contraction workout was developed by Pete Sisco. It’s quite popular among athletes because it is an efficient way to increase strength while building muscle.

It’s quite technical in theory. Physics, math, and analysis have been implemented into this system.

The goal of this program is to produce the most results within the least amount of time.

Static contraction training

Static contraction training focuses on the intensity of your workout – not the frequency or the amount of exercise you do. You will spend less time working out, but your workouts will be much more difficult.workout

You will use more muscles during a workout, but each muscle will also be pushed to the limit. When your muscles break down, they are built back up larger and stronger than before. This is especially true for muscles that you don’t use very often.

What Does a Static Contraction Workout Entail?

Static contraction provides the greatest stimuli to your muscles. Your body will tell itself that it needs the maximum amount of growth for that muscle. This is a completely different approach when compared to traditional workout routines. Most athletes are taught to choose a weight which allows you to complete three sets of twelve repetitions. This continues until it becomes easier.

Then you increase the number of repetitions and the amount of weight. While there is no doubt that this type of training works over time, it does take a lot longer to see your results than with static contraction training.

This workout requires you to pick the maximum amount of weight that you can hold in your body’s strongest range of motion. You will hold it for five to ten seconds. Normally, the strongest range of motion is towards the top of your lifting movement. This allows you to reach muscle growth faster, without all of the repetitions.

Finding Your “Sweet Spot”

Static contraction training requires you to find your “sweet spot “or the maximum weight you will be able to hold for five to ten seconds. It can take some experimentation to find this. Start with what you think may be your top weight.

If you can hold it for ten seconds, it’s time to add more. Increase until you are at muscle failure before your ten seconds. This will be your “sweet spot.” As the muscles grow stronger, you will need to increase your “sweet spot” weight.

Enjoy Success with Increased Weight

Finding your “sweet spot” is essential to the program’s success. You will also need to increase either the weight or the item you hold at each and every workout, no matter how small the improvement may be. This is the key to the success of the static contraction training program.

For the first month, you will work out only twice a week. After that, your workouts will drop to once a week. Also, you need to keep safety in mind, especially when dealing with moving weights into a desired position. Always use a spotter.