Deadlift – A Power Lifting Exercise For Your Overall Body Development!

You should practice exercise daily to make your muscles strong.

Among all exercises weight lifting is the exercise which will help to tone your muscles into perfect shape.

There are different types of lifts in the weight lifting exercise.

Deadlift is a weight lifting exercise in which the weight is lifted from the floor to the level of your hips and then lowered by the controlled effort to the floor.

It is one of the three gauges in power lifting and it is an excellent exercise for your overall body development.Deadlift

You should do this exercise properly otherwise some body pains can occur to you.

The process of deadlift will be performed in the following way:

  • You should buy a good pair of shoes and a good weight belt before starting deadlift.
  • In this deadlift, you have to pull the weight from the floor by keeping your back straight in relation with your spine.
  • You have to lift the weight up to your hips with your shoulders, legs and back straight. This position will keep pressure off the lower back and spinal chord muscles.
  • In deadlift you should concentrate on sitting back position when you lift the weights. You should grab the weight and lift the weight from your heels through your legs. Don’t use the balls of your feet while doing this.
  • In squat position, your thighs should be parallel to the floor and your knees over your feet.
  • In deadlift, you should keep your butt low to the ground. You should explode the weight off the floor by using quadriceps muscles and powerful gluteus.
  • You should work on different parts of lift to increase your deadlift pounds.
  • You should keep your full concentration on the weight which you are lifting and you should follow all the necessary safety measures while performing deadlift.
  • You should not try to lift heavy weights in the first day itself as a superman. This will lead to muscle pains. You should start with less weight and later on you have to increase your weights.

The check points that you should observe in deadlift are:

  • In deadlift you should take support of the abdominal muscles. You should not hold your breathe. You can breathe out on exertion.
  • You can use the mixed under hand or over hand grip for lifting heavier weights in deadlift. This grip will provide some reassurance, with that the heavier weights will not slip from your hands.
  • You should keep back straight, butt down and no rounding at the spine and shoulder in deadlift.
  • The weight lifting bar should travel close to the body for maximum lift efficiency and safety.

This is the process of practicing deadlift exercise. You should take proper safety measures while doing deadlift. You have to take help of your fitness trainer for better suggestions while performing this exercise for the first time.