Female Body Building-Do it the Right way

Body building now is not the privilege of only men. Women also want to have beautiful athletic bodies.

The differences between female body building and male body building are muscular and skeletal development.

Genetic differences such as lower testosterone levels in woman will prevent most females from developing the bulky mass which most men do.

Generally females have less muscle mass and more body fat than males. Women have shorter, smaller and dense bones, narrower shoulders and wider hips than men.female body building

A woman will gain and burn fat differently as well as gain and burn muscle differently than a man. If you are a female body builder, special training is needed for your efforts to pay off.

But these genetic and physiological differences should not hold back you from participating in female body building. Women now are participating in Olympics and weight lifting and are showing their capability.

Today women are also using weights and machines to shape their body, to build it, to remove excess fat and to increase muscle tone.

You can use loads to grow body weight, to improve the shapes and tone of muscles, to reduce the body weight, to gain strength, to develop the general physical fitness and to strengthen your health. The result is that with the help of body building methods you can get a flexible, slim body that will be attractive and seductive.

The weight training is capable of shaping your body and to bring it in an excellent condition much faster than riding on a stationary bike, aerobic, steppers, yoga, running track or stretching. Nothing beats the weight training and its charm is that it enables to adapt the resistance to your physical condition.

If you are unhealthy or weak, you can start with small loads and bring yourself step by step into the satisfactory physical shape. As your muscles are filled up, you are capable to increase the weights.

Athletic women can begin with more heavy working weights, but as a beginning of training, they can start with light loads.

A woman need not aim at maximum volumes of muscles unlike a man. Three series of each exercise are enough.

Your diet influences the size of your muscles and fat content in the body. The overall dimensions of your body can be reduced by lowering your calorie intake. The fat will be reduced first and the size of muscles will be decreased by lowering the calorie intake.

Nutrition is important to body building success and your nutrition is going to make or break your bodybuilding.

Some women refuse to undergo body building because they think that if they stop workout or exercise, their muscles will be converted to fat. This is a common misconception. Muscles can never be transformed to fat because the two are completely different tissues.

Fat results from unburned calories that get stored in the body when your calorie intake stays same and physical activity is stopped. When body builders get older, they eventually gain weight because their metabolism slows down and physical activity decreases.

Guidelines for female body building:

  1. Set goals that will ensure success
  2. Body building goals are based on the amount of weight used and the number of sets and repetitions done. In the beginning, you can use less number of weights. As you improve, you can increase the number of weights and sets.
  3. Body building and physical fitness are long term projects. Set the workout routine and stick to it regularly.
  4. If you are tired or weak, don’t feel it as a failure and terminate the program.

Don’t feel that feminity is destroyed by body building. Female body building brings the following benefits to women:

  1. It helps you realize that fat cannot be shaped and has to be removed.
  2. It gives defined muscular shape to shapeless and unattractive muscles.
  3. It builds your confidence.
  4. It slows down the undesirable effects that gravity and aging impose on your body.
  5. It improves your health and fitness
  6. It confirms that you can be both strong and sexy when involved in female body building.