Fitness and Exercise for Building Muscle Mass

You are lean and want to build muscle mass? You are tired and bored with your lean body? You want to build muscle mass and interested in learning how to build muscle mass.

You have tried all the supplements which are shown in advertisements but those are only tricks to grab your attention.

Now you have decided to build your muscle mass in a natural way that is with fitness and exercise.

Many people tried different ways to build muscle mass. They joined gym and tried out different workouts from videos and CDs to gain muscle mass. The common myth to build muscle mass is any person can build muscle mass by weight training, aerobic exercise and low fat food.body building

Low fat food means consuming low calorie food but for building muscle mass high calorie food should be consumed as it adds some extra fat to the body. This extra fat can be turned to hormones which will help in building muscle mass.

You are thinking how to start to build your muscle mass. Before starting, you have to find out your body type. Many of them want to build the muscle mass but afraid of adding body fat.

There are different body types:

Android body type has strong shoulders, muscular limbs and has a small waist. The android types can build their body and will gain weight in the upper half of the body. These body types build muscle mass easily and can become good athletes. Android types take food which is high in cholesterol and the body turns the cholesterol into steroid hormones which will have a body building effect.

The thyroid type has narrow bone structure and long limbs. Thyroid types long for stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine, sweeteners and often skip meals. They often face problem with unstable blood sugars which make them desire for more sweets and stimulants. This type does not gain weight easily and if they gain weight, it is on the back of the thighs and buttocks.

Here we are dealing with thyroid type to help them build muscle mass. To build muscle mass, you have to gain muscle mass and lose fat. You start with weight training and concentrate on losing weight later. You should avoid stimulants such as caffeine, sweets, chocolates, and nicotine and you should take high nutritional food which fills your body needs. You are prone to diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

You start with exercise and good diet. Start with weight lifting techniques for building muscle mass. There are many weight lifting techniques such as squats which work your lower back muscles and leg muscles, bench presses which work with shoulders and chest muscles, dead lifts which work with back, shoulders and legs, barbell rows which work with back and bicep muscles, bar dips which work the chest, arms and shoulder muscles, and overhead presses which work with triceps and shoulder muscles. Along with weight training exercises, you have to include aerobic exercises for strength and flexibility. Weight training and strength building exercises builds your muscle mass.

Before starting any exercise you have to do some stretching exercises to avoid injuries when practicing weight training and strength building. You have to follow healthy diet along with exercises to build muscle mass. You have to select foods which are suitable for your body to build muscle mass.