Full Body Workouts for Rapid Weight Loss

The main purpose of the full body workouts is to address the muscle groups of the entire body, putting them to work. Before you start with any routine you should keep in mind that you should always warm up before starting.

In case you are a beginner, you should be working with an empty bar first, or with some light weights. Even so you can be sure to experience some soreness the next day.

Full Body Workouts for Rapid Weight Loss


This workout for the full body starts with squats. You can use a full machine or forward step squats while having a heavy weight in each of your hands. Once you get in shape you can do this by lying down or sitting

Bench press

When performing workout for the full body you should go for the wide grip. This is one of those heavy exercises, so you should go for 3 sets and you could start with a light weight or finish with one.

There are some people who prefer to start heavy and to finish with a light weight.

For resting you could perform an isolation exercises, such as the bicep curl. There are numerous variations for the same exercises and you could use any of them for the full body workouts. There is the concentration curl, using alternate hands in a circling motion, preacher curling bar and so on. In order to catch your breath you should be using only one arm at the time.

Don’t forget to rest a minute between the exercises of the full workout for your body in order to build strength.


You could be doing this with a machine as part of the full body workouts, but it is best to perform it on the bench or on a mat on the floor. Just lie down on your back and raise a weight in each of the hands straight ahead. Lower the weights on each side. In case you are using a mat, you can put the weights on the ground in case you get tired, something that is difficult to do on a bench.

When working with weights during the full workout for your body, don’t clang them because you might get bits of enamel in your eye.

Belly buster

You could perform the good old crunches. The full body workouts don’t mean that you have to perform something complicated: go for the exercises that work. In case you opt for the bench raised up, then you should twist your torso on your way up for good definition.

Shoulder raise

First look at your shoulder and decide what kind of shoulder raise you need as part of the full workout for your body. You can choose from the side raise and the frontal raise. It is very useful to perform the overhead press, but since you have already worked on your triceps and you could also be a bit tired, it is enough to go for the shoulders. It’s not that difficult to perform full body workouts, is it?