Gain Healthy Body Weight And Bulk Up By Exercising

It’s often misunderstood that gaining weight is a necessity to gaining muscle. In order to gain weight in a healthy manner you’ll need to exercise and have a balanced, healthy diet.

You’ll need to increase your caloric intake by 500 calories at least. The key is to make sure these calories are not from sweets and candy.

Healthy foods, such as vegetables and meats, should make up the bulk of these extra calories. The catch is that with any increase in calories, you will need an intense workout routine to add muscle and not fat.exercising

Here are some tips to help you gain healthy body weight, as well as bulk up by exercising.

Determine Your Routine

The very first thing you need to do is to figure out your eating and workout routine. Do you have the time to work out each day or only three or four times each week? Does your lifestyle allow for three meals a day or six small meals? While it’s important to eat enough food to gain weight, it’s also important to gain the right type of weight.

It’s more complicated to gain muscle than just adding a lot of calories to your diet. You must exercise and you must stress your muscles to the point of breakdown in order for them to become stronger and bigger.

Choose Your Exercises

This is obviously a very important step in gaining weight and bulking up through exercise. Gaining muscle is much different from losing weight, simply because you can choose which part of your body you would to work on. However, this can be a problem if you wish to work on one specific part of your body.

You’ll need to have a truly balanced program that will target all areas of your body. The best way to do this is to split up the different muscle groups every day.

You should also leave about 48 hours in between exercising the same group of muscles. You also do not want to do too much too quickly or you may quit. Free weights and machines together will give you the best workout.

Change Your Routine

You’ll need to change your routine as your muscles become accustomed to your workout. If you stay with the same routine, you will not progress any farther. It helps to keep a workout diary in order to know exactly how you are progressing, and what the next routine change needs to include, in order to make your muscles stronger and bigger.

Make the Right Choices and Enjoy a Healthy Weight

If you eat more without exercising, you will gain weight. However, you’ll gain fat not muscle. By increasing your caloric intake, along with the right exercise program, you will build stronger, bigger muscles. Keep changing your routine if you find that you are no longer progressing.

If you decide you don’t want to gain any more weight, you will need to decrease your intake of calories or increase the amount of exercise to burn calories. This would include cardiovascular or aerobic exercises. Good luck!