Get Six Pack Abs With Killer Ab Workouts!

Do you know how to attain killer abs? Attaining killer abs is about the work you put in for the results you want.

A killer ab workout is more than simple abdominal exercises. To attain killer abs with killer ab workout, there are three components.

Three components for killer ab workout:

Aerobic and cardio workouts: If you want six pack abs, you should get rid off the fat.

If you add aerobics and cardio workouts, you can burn calories at a greater level. In the beginning, you can start with walking and bike riding.Killer Ab Workouts

Diet: Diet is the key to attain required body. If you provide healthy diet to your body, your body will respond in the same way. Carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a bit of fat are necessary for your body to perform ab workouts.

For killer ab workouts, healthy lean diet is necessary as it metabolizes stored fat easily. Do not skip meals thinking that you will get the look you want.

Core strengthening: Core muscles include back, abs and legs. When you exercise core muscles, you will get stronger and burn more calories resulting in weight loss. The more you work, the more you burn calories.

Killer ab workouts to attain six pack abs:

Double crunches: Keep the hands behind the head. Bend the knees in such a way it forms ninety degree angle so your feet and calves are parallel to the floor. The hips should be rolled in so that your knees come towards your chest.

Abs should be contracted and head and shoulders should be lifted off the floor at the same time.

Elbows should stay out and lifting should be done by contracting abs and not pulling head forwards with hands. One set of fifteen should be done. The upper body should be maintained in crunch position on last repetition.

Legs straight up crunches: Keep your legs in the air straight up and feet should be together. Hands should be placed behind the head. By contracting the ab muscles as hard as possible, shoulders should be raised off the floor.

Look straight at the ceiling. Chin should not dig into the chest. Hands should only hold your head up but not pull up and it should be felt in upper abs not in neck or shoulders. On set of twenty can be done.

Hip raise or leg raise: Lie down on a flat bench. Lift your legs up in such a way that they should be perpendicular to the bench. By contracting lower abs, lift the hips off the bench slightly. Hold the position for 3 seconds and lower the hips.

Back should be kept flat on the bench. Legs should be kept straight and lower them until they form a straight line with the rest of the body. Hold the position for 3 seconds and get back to the starting position. Do ten repetitions.

If you follow the three components for killer ab workout and perform the workouts specifically designed to attain killer abs, you can achieve six pack abs sooner.