How to Build Up Your Arms

If you have ever been to a gymnasium you have probably seen how people are absolutely obsessed about building up their arms. You will see people flock to the preacher bench and the press down section more eagerly than any other part of the gymnasium. However, sometimes due to defective training techniques they fail to achieve the right result. Here are some tips for people who wish to build up stronger and muscular arms.


6 Tips to build up the Arms

Some of the arm exercises are poorly designed, and have lesser effects. The tips below however can help you to build your arms better

  1. It is a good idea to have a rest day before you exercise your biceps. That way you have better energy, and mentally to you can push yourself more than otherwise. And if building up of your bicep is of primary importance to you, then as you come back to the gym after a rest day, start with the exercise of bicep. It is also important for arm flexors to get 48 hours of rest between each practice cycle.
  2. Some people train their biceps twice a week. It is better for them to take up bicep training only after they have done exercises for their back. When you are doing the back exercises, your biceps are already getting stretched, and thus it makes sense to do them one after the other. However, make sure you do not do the bicep training before you have finished exercising your back.
  3. It is a mistake to start with exercises like triceps press down or concentration curls. During the beginning your level of energy is the highest and thus it is the best time that you start with exercises that leads to building of mass. You can start with the basic standing curls, to improve your biceps.
  4. While you are at building the mass, it is always advisable to start with challenging weights. For building of biceps, single joint exercises are more helpful. This is why you should choose standing curls for your arms. However, make sure you do not take up too much weight to begin with, just enough to challenge your body, and make it stronger.
  5. It is important that you work out the target muscle, in this case the muscles in your arms, from different angles. When doing arm exercises if you keep yourself confined to exercises where your arms are always at the side of the body, you are actually limiting the benefits of the exercise and thus your muscles might not develop in the way that they should.
  6. Make sure you use advanced techniques of exercising. This actually helps you to achieve your goals more quickly than otherwise. When you are concentrating on the arm for example, techniques like forced rep, and dropsets can immensely help you to gain muscles.

These are thus some of the important tips which can lead to a more rapid and obvious growth to muscles of your arms.