How to Get Bigger Chest (Infographic)

If you wish to have big chest then following article will prove to be of great help to you.

In order to have bigger chest you should do bench press exercise including barbell or dumbbell bench press and push ups. Weighted dips or bench dips also helps to have massive chest. Exercises like Pec Flyes, Cable Flyes, Dumbbell Flyes and Bodyweight flyes should be avoided if you wish your chest to be bigger.

Other tips of workout for having bigger chest is to do dips of 4-6 sets of 4-12 reps, including variety of dips and pressure, working out the chest for 1-2 days in a week, doing the chest flyes in the beginning or at the end of the workout, keeping log of the training and not straining the chest more than 2 times in a week.

If you are a bodybuilder then only you need to worry about working individual areas of the chest else you can get a bigger chest by doing the basic dips, flat bench press and regular flyes. In the same workout session one should cover 3 areas of their chest but also ensure that only 2-3 sets is done for each area and start with the upper chest then middle and then finally the lower chest. Bad nutrition, not being stronger and bad form can stop you from getting bigger chest.