How to Get a Columbiana Body – Zoe Saldana Style

Zoe Saldana has always been looking great, but for her newest project she has been making some extra effort. How did she manage to achieve the results that she did?

Naturally she had a Hollywood trainer that created a special training program for her needs. Nonetheless we don’t have to spend a lot of money to get in shape.

People have to understand that one of the most important things besides exercise is nutrition. In case of the exercises, there are some things that you will need, including an exercise ball, a cable rack, a resistance band and an exercise mat.

Get a Columbiana Body

The kind of exercise routine she had is just great for toning because it makes all the muscle groups work, but it focuses on the legs. Before you start with the exercises, you have to warm up for 5-10 minutes on an elliptical machine.


For this use the exercise ball and the resistance band. Place the ball to the wall and lean against it with your back, having a natural curve at the lower back. Find the position that allows your knees to be in line with your heels when you squat.

When making the movement you should roll with the ball, extending the lower back. At the bottom Saldana had to hold position and hold the resistance band to make her rear delts work. Make about 12-15 reps of the exercise.


During the push-up you have to squat down, pull the cable, push and rotating the hips. There is a lot going on during this exercise.

Plank push-up

Start with a plank position and then move to a push-up position, while keeping the body aligned. You should make as little movement as possible and remember that you aren’t doing push-ups, just a transition from one position to the other. In case of each rep you should change your arm.

Don’t be surprised if at the beginning you are able to do only about 3-4 reps. You just have to go on doing it and add more reps every time. You will be surprised how fast you can make the advancements with this kind of exercise. In the end you will be doing 20 reps or so.


Start with a standing position and then take a larger step than normally. Then just hold position and work the muscles, don’t let the momentum carry your further.