Is It Safe To Use Bodybuilding Steroids? Things To Consider Prior To The Usage Of Steroids!

With the increasing craze of body building amongst youngsters, the body building exercises and equipments are gaining huge popularity.

However, with an aim to achieve muscle mass quickly and easily, most of the body builders, weightlifters athletes and other sports guys are seeking shortcuts and are turning towards bodybuilding steroids.

Bodybuilding steroids are the synthetic (artificial) hormones that boost the ‘testosterone’ hormone in the body. Testosterone is the main sex hormone in the male that is produced in the testicles. It supports muscle and bone growth.

Bodybuilding steroids are generally used by body builders, athletes and weightlifters to achieve the weightlifting benefits from their exercise regimen. Bodybuilding steroids help increase the size and strength of body muscles, and also increase the energy levels during physical workouts.Bodybuilding Steroids

On the other hand, people who are not bodybuilders also make use of bodybuilding steroids to increase stamina, muscle size and strength, and also to reduce body fat and improve personal appearance.

No matter what the reason is for using bodybuilding steroids, it is essential to consider certain things before using.

To use bodybuilding steroids, it is most important to take age into consideration. This is because between the ages of twelve and twenty-six, the male’s hormone (testosterone) levels are on rise.

At the age of twelve (start of puberty in males), the hormonal patterns in the body undergoes huge fluctuations and lead to the growth of male characteristics. During twelve to twenty-six years, hormone levels increase by themselves.

So, using bodybuilding steroids at this age can harm the natural production of testosterone hormones in the body.

Whenever any extra amount of testosterone is added to the body, using bodybuilding steroids, the body determines the increased levels of hormone usually between two and three weeks and will stop its own hormones production until the testosterone levels decrease.

Thus, bodybuilders come across all the side effects associated with the usage of bodybuilding steroids.

The most common side effects are hypertension, cardiovascular disease, palpitations, cancer, immune system suppression, gynecomastia, decreased blood clotting ability, sodium retention, hair loss, acne, headaches, stomach aches, jaundice, muscle tears, anxiety, depression, weakness, and insomnia.

It is also essential to consider the genetic potential of the user. To trace this, first look at the weight, height and build of the family members. This is because using bodybuilding steroids before or during puberty may harm the natural body processes and also provides bodybuilding steroid side effects.

Other essential factor to consider is weightlifting training experience and eating habits. This is because using steroids prior to proper training (minimum three years) and healthy diet can lead to the major side effects, with no benefits at all.

Another factor to consider is the sex drive. The use of bodybuilding steroids may make the user’s sex drive almost nonexistent and may effect on the sperm count.

Therefore, consider all the above factors prior to the usage of bodybuilding steroids. It is not that steroid should be avoided completely; avoid using steroids in early stages of life.

Steroids are safe when used correctly. So, consult and take doctors suggestion regarding bodybuilding steroids and its proper use.