Tips to Get Lady Gaga’s Perfect Abs

Every time people see Lady Gaga, they can’t stop staring at her abs, and no wonder: they look just perfect. The good news is that you can have the same wonderful abs as she does, following her workout routine.

Tips to Get Lady Gaga’s Perfect Abs

Bicycle crunch

She is doing six sets of 20 of this exercise. All you have to do is to lie on the floor and put your hands behind your back. Then lift your shoulders off the ground and bring your knees towards your shoulders. Start with straightening the right leg at a 45 degree angle, and turn your body to the left; bring the right elbow to the left knee. Then move to the other side, doing the same motion. You should do 10 reps and make sure that you are moving slowly.

Ab rotations

These are also known as seated Russian twists. To make the exercise more difficult, you could be holding a medicine ball or a dumbbell. Start with sitting on the floor, with bent knees and the heels about two feet from your buttocks. Lean back a bit, without curving your back.

Keep your arms straight in front of you. They should be at the same level as the bottom of your ribcage. Go on twisting a bit to the left. You should be moving your ribs, not your arms. Then make the same movement to the right. Have 16 rotations done.

Double crunch and reverse crunch

In order to do these exercises, start with lying on your back and put your hands on the floor besides you. Keep your feet together while bringing them towards your chest. Then, using the muscles of your abs, lift your hips off the floor, with the feet moving towards the chest. Make sure that you don’t get a momentum from swinging the legs. You should be moving only your ab muscles.

Dumbbell side bends

It is said that this is the favorite exercise of Lady G. because it keeps her love handles tight. This is also a great exercise in case you aren’t really fond of sit-ups. Make sure that you make the exercises properly because you shouldn’t try to slack it off.

You may see that it isn’t rocket science to achieve the perfect abs, and you could do all the exercises at home, on your own as well. You don’t even need a personal trainer to tell you what to do.